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GUIDE: “The 7 Immediate Steps I must take if I`m involved in a Workplace Accident Jan 2018 Workplace Accident Guide
Don`t under any circumstances settle your Personal Injury Claim until you talk to a Solicitor Dec 2017 Don`t Settle your Claim until you talk to a Solicitor
GUIDE: “The 7 Immediate Steps I must take if I`m involved in a Road Traffic Accident Dec 2017 7 Steps To Take After a Car Accident
The “WHISTLEBLOWERS” Protected Disclosure Act 2014 – For Good or Bad? March 2017 VIEW PDF
The Revaluation of Injuries compensation in Ireland Nov 2016 View PDF
The Workplace Relations Act – A 2016 Revolution April 2016 VIEW PDF
Litigation Privilege – When is such Advice Confidential? April 2016



Legal Update for Voluntary and Charity Sector Companies and the Important Role of the Company Secretary October 2015 View PDF
What Does A Notary Public Do? November 2013 View PDF
Cross-Border Employment Law
“A Need-to-Know Comparative Analysis” – Presentation given by Brian Morgan at North-South Legal Forum, Carrickmacross
June 2013 View PDF
Deceased`s Will declared void for uncertainty. May 2013 View PDF
The Value Of Shareholder’s Agreements April 2013 View PDF
Increasing Taxes – Time To Review Your Will? January 2013 View PDF
Inheritance Rights of Grandchildren
– Child of a Pre-deceased Child
October 2012 View PDF
Gifts And Inheritance Tax Planning – Shifting Goalposts May 2012 View PDF
Employers take note : Employment Tribunals are making large Awards April 2012 View PDF
The Monaghan Anti Pylon Security for Costs Hearing April 2012 View PDF
Does “Domicile” always decide which Rules of Intestacy apply in a Cross Border Estate? March 2012 View PDF
Supreme Court Upholds Refusal To Dismiss Personal Injuries February 2012 View PDF
Comparative Analysis of Employment Law November 2011 View PDF
The Statute of Limitations and Persons of Unsound Mind November 2011 View PDF
Irish Inheritance Tax – Non-residents Perspective September 2011 View PDF
Cross Border Wills & Estates August 2011 View PDF
Morgan McManus PLATO Monaghan Family Succession Presentation August 2011 View PDF
Morgan McManus Website Accident Claims Service August 2011 View PDF
Presentations given at Cross-Border Business Conference Monaghan 15th June 2011 August 2011 View PDF
Are the current Registered Employment Agreements and Employment Regulation Orders which are enforceable in the Republic of Ireland in breach of Freedom of Movement and Right of Establishment provisions of the Treaty of Lisbon? May 2011 View PDF
Personal Injury Accident Claims 2011 You still need a Solicitor May 2011 View PDF
The Dangers of Personal Guarantees February 2011 View PDF
Irish Inheritance Tax – Non-Resident’s Perspective February 2011 View PDF
Directors Duties – Insolvent Companies & Winding Up January 2011 View PDF
Health & Safety Executive – Safety Statements and Risk Assessments October 2009 View PDF
The Debt Collection Legal Process – Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland October 2009 View PDF
Equality Tribunal Report shows increase in Employment Law Claims August 2009 View PDF
Reports show incipient signs of revived claims culture August 2009 View PDF
Are You Having Difficulty Paying
Inheritance Tax?
August 2009 View PDF
I live in the Republic of Ireland, what
Taxes will I have to pay on Northern
Ireland Residential Investment Property?
August 2009 View PDF
What Are The Issues Involved In Cross Border Estates? August 2009 View PDF
Do I Have To Pay Capital Gains Tax On
Property In Northern Ireland? – Republic
Of Ireland Tax Residents Benefit
August 2009 View PDF
Investors – Have You Paid Too Much
Stamp Duty?
August 2009 View PDF
Is Now The Time To Pass Assets To
The Next Generation?
August 2009 View PDF
Transfer Of A Site To A Child
What are the CGT and Stamp Duty Implications?
August 2009 View PDF
What Should I Do About Tax When Someone Dies August 2009 View PDF
Plaintiff’s false evidence sees Judge dismiss compensation Claim July 2009 View PDF
Boro in £4.3m damages appeal loss July 2009 View PDF
Court says passenger 35% liable for his injuries July 2009 View PDF
Injuries Board report shows average PL award €22,865 June 2009 View PDF
Annual Report shows massive rise in Claims to Employment Appeals Tribunal June 2009 View PDF
Boss wins £160,000 payout after being shot and fired on the same day June 2009 View PDF
Health and safety guidance to be free online June 2009 View PDF
Managing Your Business in a Challenging Environment – Redundancy and Reorganization March 2009 View PDF
£400,000.00 award for finger injury April 2009 View PDF
€369,000 for psychological injury after crash. April 2009 View PDF
Comparative Analysis Of Employment Law In Northern Ireland And The Republic Of Ireland February 2009 View PDF
Directors Personal liability
– When can a Director be made personally liable for the Debts of a Company
January 2009 View PDF
Distressed Purchasers
– Beware, you could be pursued
January 2009 View PDF
Implementing Redundancies
– A Word of Caution
12th January 2009 View PDF
Personal Injury Accident Claims
– Do you need a Solicitor anymore?
July 2005 View PDF
The Information and Consultation Directive 2002 November 2004 View PDF
Stress in the Workplace – Irish High Court endorses UK Decisions November 2004 View PDF
Stress in the Workplace June 2004 View PDF
European Court Taxation Judgement April 2004 View PDF
Data Protection after “Durant” April 2004 View PDF
Data Protection Acts and the Workplace
Employers Obligations
11th November 2003 View PDF
Buying Residential Investment
Property in Southern Ireland
October 2003 View PDF