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    Personal Injury Claims Solicitors in Monaghan, Ireland

    Do you need to make a personal injury claim in Ireland? Then read on and find out how our expert legal team can help and guide you through the process.

    All Personal Injury claimants are parasites. Your Insurance Premiums are higher because of people making Claims arising out of Accidents. Victims of accidents exaggerate their Claims …… at least, that is what Insurance Companies would have you believe.

    Insurance Companies constantly show Personal Injury Claimants in a bad light.  The radio version of the Insurance Federation ad depicts a nasty villain with a sneaky nasal whine brazenly placing his hands in the pocket of an honest citizen and depriving her of an unspecified amount of cash. On the television, we get to see this blackguard in profile, his nose growing at an alarming velocity across our large flat screens. There’s even a gang of these crooks walking calmly through a supermarket in broad daylight, filling their trolleys with ill-gotten goods, chuckling through their stocking masks.

    Yes, fraudulent Claims should be punished, but very few Claims are fraudulent …..

    At Morgan McManus we act for persons who have been genuinely injured in accidents and have sustained personal injury. We appreciate that, whether you have been involved in a Road Traffic Accident or a Workplace Accident, this is a particularly stressful period for you. You are at your most vulnerable stage after an accident. What you need is support, not feelings of guilt over making a compensation Claim which you entitled to make.

    If you’ve just had an accident, you may be facing the following problems…

    Victims of Road Traffic Accidents

    Where you have been involved in a road traffic accident suffering, whether suffering personal injury or not, you may have been left without transport, unable to get to work. You are worried about the cost of repair of your vehicle. Will you be able to hire another vehicle while your car is being repaired? Perhaps you have been hospitalized post-accident and have been unable to make immediate arrangements for your loved ones?

    Will your accident be properly investigated by the Gardai? Did you gather all the necessary evidence at the road accident scene to prove that you were noy at fault?

    To get straight-forward advice on what you need to do where you have been involved in a road traffic accident make sure to read our Free Guide: “The 7 Immediate Steps I must take if I have been involved in a Road Traffic Accident”.

    Victims of Workplace Accidents

    You can be a victim of a workplace accident in many circumstances. You may have been involved in a factory accident. You may have slipped and fallen. You may have been hit by an object. You may have sustained muscle strain or a repetitive strain injury. You may have inhaled toxic fumes or been exposed to loud noise. You may have been hit by a vehicle or a forklift.

    Perhaps, your injury has not been that sudden? Maybe you are suffering Workplace Stress or illness? You may have been bullied at work over a period of time? You may have been the victim of Sexual Harassment?

    Where you are contemplating making a Claim, whether you are still at work or absent because of your accident or illness, you may feel very isolated. You may be worried that making a Claim could affect your job security. You might worry about fall-out with your work colleagues?

    To get straight-forward advice on what you need to do where you have been involved in a workplace accident make sure to read our Free Guide: “The 7 Immediate Steps I must take if I have been involved in a Workplace Accident”.

    Feelings of being overwhelmed ….

    You could be struggling to meet your financial, employment, and family responsibilities. You may be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of processing a Claim with an insurance company, or completing an Injuries Board claim on your own.

    You may have been unable to access the appropriate medical care for your injuries, or experiencing anxiety and guilt about taking a Claim. You could be worried that it will take you years to get your compensation.

    A lot of vital evidence can be lost within a very short period following an accident. You will require experienced professional help to assist you in preserving this and advising you on how to protect your interests. This can make all the difference later on.

    Bear in mind that a claim arising out of an accident may take months or even years to be resolved. Unless the evidence is recorded carefully by people who know what they are doing when it is fresh, facts that seemed as clear as a bell to you at the time of the accident may be muddied by the passage of time. And remember also that not everyone involved in the accident or investigating its circumstances will be interested in highlighting those aspects of the facts that may support your case.

    Consulting your Solicitor

    That is why you need to consult a solicitor, who can take immediate action to protect your rights. Again, if you, because of the severity of your injuries cannot make immediate contact with your solicitor, then ask your loved one or friend to make immediate contact: your solicitor will be happy to visit you if required.

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