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    Property Solicitors in Monaghan, Ireland

    Morgan McManus Solicitors have provided property services to clients for may years; whether you are purchasing or selling a private residence, a commercial premises or a farm.


    1. We know and appreciate that this could be one of the largest investments you will ever make and this is a stressful time for you, particularly where this is your first purchase, but we will remove the hassle;
    2. We have a dedicated team providing this service;
    3. We have a specialized Practice Management system which ensures efficient transmission of legal documents;
    4. We ensure to clearly communicate with you and respond to all your calls and emails – keeping you fully informed on the progress of your transaction;
    5. We guarantee that we will always return your calls;
    6. We provide you with a clear and transparent Cost structure ensuring to provide a Cost Estimate to you in writing before you start the transaction;
    7. Our clients are happy to recommend us because of the service they received!

    Buying a house in Ireland

    Whether you are purchasing your first home or an investment property, this will be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. The house purchase process, from applying for a Mortgage to getting possession, can be very stressful, particularly where you are not properly prepared or have not sought correct advice.

    Frequently asked questions:

    *What if I lose my Deposit?

    *What if my Bank withdraws the Loan Approval?

    * What if there are issues with Rights-of-Way, with Boundaries, with Planning Permission Conditions?

    *When will we get possession of the dwelling?

    *What if the structure of the house deteriorates?

    *What is Stamp Duty?

    *How much Stamp Duty will I be obliged to pay?

    *Will I be able to sell my house in the future if I want to trade-up, or it just simply gets too small for my needs?


    This is why it is so important that you have a solicitor in your corner in whom you can place your full trust; who will take you through the process with the minimum fuss. When you instruct Morgan McManus to act for you in your property purchase you can be assured of a friendly and efficient service.

    The process and the legal steps involved can be difficult to understand, particularly where it is your first property purchase.

    This is why we wrote the Morgan McManus Guide to Purchasing your House which provides all the answers to frequently asked questions when buying a house. Why not read our Guide and then feel free to phone us for more information? We`ll be delighted to talk to you.

    Selling a house in Ireland

    The whole process, from signing Contracts to giving up possession, can be very stressful, particularly where you are not properly prepared or have not sought correct advice.

    Frequently asked questions:

    *What could go wrong in the sale process?

    *My solicitor tells me that there is a lot of work involved in my sale, but never explains to me what is involved?

    *I`m selling, but I also seem to be paying bills?

    *At what stage will I have a legally binding Contract?

    *My title was investigated when I purchased this house; why is it necessary for it to be investigated again?

    *What could possibly go wrong?

    *When will I get my money?


    Again, to assist our clients understand the process, we wrote the Morgan McManus Guide to Selling your House.

    The purpose of this Guide is to give you some introduction to the process involved; to demonstrate to you that we understand that all of this is new to you and that it is up to us to explain the process involved.

    Why not read our Guide and then feel free to phone us for more information? We`ll be delighted to talk to you.

    Investment of Business Property

    We also represent clients purchasing and selling property, whether that property is for the purpose of their business or as an investment. We also advise on the purchase and sale of farms.


    Particularly where we can meet clients by Zoom or other social media, there is nothing to prohibit us from representing you in a property purchase or sale, whether that property is on Monaghan or Cavan, Dublin, Cork or Donegal.

    Are you a non-resident and thinking of purchasing property in Ireland?

    At Morgan McManus we have acted for many non-residents (including investors from Northern Ireland and Britain) purchasing property in Ireland, whether that property is residential or commercial, an investment or they are coming to reside in Ireland on a permanent basis. As a firm which has advised clients on Cross-Border transactions for many years, we are familiar with their concerns. This can often involve working in co-operation with their current non-resident solicitors, where two property transactions in different jurisdictions may be required to be completed in tandem. We also work in partnership with experienced Cross-Border Tax Advisers, where such advice is extremely important before a non-resident client commits themselves to a legally binding Contract.

    Remote working and returning to live in rural Ireland

    This COVID-19 Pandemic has already brought about change in the long-term. Pandemics have done this over the generations. We have already read about how mass outbreaks from the Black death to the Spanish Flu have heralded brave new worlds. Coronavirus is no exception. One very noticeable development is how quickly many are adapting to remote working, like never before.

    The 2nd December 2020 edition of the Irish Times, in an Article titled Government plans network of over 400 remote working hubs https://www.irishtimes.com/business/technology/government-plans-network-of-over-400-remote-working-hubs-1.4425504 reports that the Government is examining the possibility of developing more than 400 remote working hubs to facilitate the shift in work practices brought about by COVID-19. The shared facilities, specifically fitted out with desks and ICT services, could be used by workers wishing to work nearer their home area and avoid long commutes.

    One positive development is that some of those working in Dublin and who up to this were facing the prospect of purchasing their first house at Dublin House Prices, which they could not afford, are now moving to rural areas where they can work remotely for their City-based employers but have the advantage of raising their family in a much safer and more affordable rural environment.

    Morgan McManus are based in the town of Clones, which has many affordable house prices and yet has excellent schools, the very successful €8m EU Grant-Aided Peace Link Sports facility together with a modern €7m Library, with new houses being built under the Rebuilding Ireland Programme. The newly constructed Ulster Canal is also being brought to Clones. Maybe time to consider moving to Clones

    We have acted for many clients moving from Dublin to rural areas. Contact us today and learn how we can assist in making your move easy?

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