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  • Guide to Buying Your House

    Whether you are purchasing your first home or an investment property, this will be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. The whole process, from signing Contracts to applying for a Mortgage to getting possession, can be very stressful, particularly where you are not properly prepared or have not sought correct advice. This Guide provides you with the information to help you navigate the house purchase process.

    7 Immediate Steps to take if you are involved in a Workplace Dispute

    This is the most important Guide you will read if you are worried that you are becoming involved in a Workplace Dispute. No employee commences their working career looking for a fight. Each of us want to earn a living and support our loved-ones. But tensions can arise at work, often over what will originally appear to be minor matters. Workplace disputes can be very stressful and difficult, particularly when
    you are at your most vulnerable. This Guide provides you with the 7 Immediate steps you must take when such a dispute arises.

    Do I need a Solicitor when filing a PIAB Personal Injury Claim?

    Brian Morgan, BCL Solicitor, has created this guide to help because making a personal injury claim can be a very stressful and difficult experience.
    You may have sustained serious injury. You may have been left without transport or unable to work. You could be struggling to meet your financial, employment and family responsibilities. You may be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of processing a claim. If so, download our helpful guide.

    The 7 Immediate Steps I must take if I’m involved in a Workplace Accident

    If you have suffered a workplace accident, you may be feeling overwhelmed or nervous at the thought of processing a claim against your employer or completing an Injuries Board claim on your own to get the compensation to which you are entitled. Download our informative guide to help you and provide you with the steps you must follow.


    7 Immediate Steps You Must Take if you are Involved in a Road Traffic Accident

    Making a personal injury claim*, especially after a road accident, can be very stressful and difficult, particularly when you are at your most vulnerable. This Guide provides you with the 7 immediate steps you must take following your accident.

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