Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims are an important practice area of Morgan McManus. Our firm has extensive experience in advising and managing personal injury claims and provides representation in Courts, for both Plaintiffs and Defendants, in the Republic of Ireland. We also advise on Cross-Border claims.

Personal injury and illness can have a devastating and sometimes life changing impact for the persons affected. Morgan McManus Solicitors can advise you whether you have a claim. Our Solicitors have processed an extensive amount of litigation claims and have successfully negotiated substantial awards on compensation for clients for many years. We use our knowledge and experience to give you the voice you need to secure fair compensation on your behalf. Your welfare is our priority and we are committed to acting in your best interest at all times.

Our firm has successfully recovered damages for clients who have been injured in road accidents, accidents at work, and slip and fall accidents. We also advise clients on medical negligence, sports injury and fatal accident claims.

It is important to contact a Solicitor at the earliest opportunity following a personal injury and seek professional advice, as there are statutory time limits within which you must bring a claim. Generally you will have two years (Republic of Ireland) / three years (Northern Ireland) from the date of your accident to take a claim for compensation. In addition, the sooner you bring your claim the easier it will be to track witnesses and obtain any expert evidence that may help your case. Even if you believe that you may be partly at fault you may still be entitled to recover a proportion of the damages relevant to your injury.

Morgan McManus Solicitors make every effort to achieve the best possible outcome that the law will permit. A successful compensation injury claim can provide the financial support that allows you to access the best possible medical care, rehabilitation and support after injury. Our firm will fight fearlessly to achieve the best outcome for your injury claim.

*Because we undertake Accident and Injury Claims in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, under the Republic of Ireland Advertising Regulations we are obliged to advise that in contentious claims, a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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