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Funding is an essential element for all businesses. The funding requirements from the business grant agencies such as the IDA, Invest NI, state bodies and local enterprise boards mean that legal assistance is essential. Morgan McManus Solicitors deal with state organisations and are familiar with their legal requirements for funding and grants. Whether you are setting up a business or seeking additional funding for new projects Morgan McManus have the ability to assist with all of the legal requirements.

Funding & Charities In Republic Of Ireland

The Charity Act 2009 governs this area of law in the Republic of Ireland.The Act now brings greater transparency to the sector. The Act set up a new Charities Regulatory Authority to secure compliance and encourage the better administration of charities.  The Authority will have strong investigative powers and there are serious penalties for offences under the legislation. The Act also established a Register of Charities  to which all charites operating in Ireland must register. It is an offence for an organisation to hold themselves out to be a Charity if they are not on the Register. In relation to Tax, all Charities that currently hold tax exemption status from the Revenue Commissioners will automatically be deemed to be Charities unless the Revenue Commissioners or the Charities Regulatory Authority have reason to believe the organisation no longer qualifies.

The Act also sets out a detailed approach to the regulation of fundraising. Firstly, Garda permits are necessary for all types of fundraising including non-cash collections. In addition, details of fundraising activity and income will be required in the Annual Activity Reports/Annual Returns. Fundraising is regulated through a system of voluntary codes of practice. If, during the review of the voluntary codes of practice system, fundraising activity does not conform with Government expectations, then the Minister reserves the right to legislate directly to influence how fundraising is carried out.

Charity Act 2009

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Useful Links for Funding Information in the Republic of Ireland – Business in the Community – Online Network for Non-Profit Organisations – The Centre for Non-Profit Management – Boardmatch Ireland – Allows you to set up your own fundraising page online – Helping Ireland Fundraise

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