Employment Law

Termination-of-EmploymentMorgan McManus Solicitors have a wealth of experience in employment law advising employers and employees in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

If you are an employer, it is important to note that the modern employment relationship is increasingly dominated by legislation. This legislation imposes a greater potential liability on employers. Keeping mindful of these changes is fundamental for any employer in order that you know your obligations in order to protect yourself and your company from future legal proceedings.

If you are an employee, you may be feeling anxious about losing your job, or you may have actually lost your job. In either scenario you need to know your rights. Our Solicitors are here to advise you of your rights.  You may be entitled to compensation for loss of employment or you may be eligible for redundancy payments.

Because we work in both jurisdictions, we also provide advice on specific areas of cross border law. See our pages on Comparative Analysis of Employment Law, North and South and the Comparative Analysis Of Employment Law In Great Britain, Northern Ireland And Ireland  commissioned by CBI Northern Ireland which we have written in partnership with Pinsent Masons Solicitors of Northern Ireland / UK.