Do’s & Don’ts At Road Traffic Accident Scenes

In The Republic Of Ireland And Northern Ireland

Personal-Injury-Claim-FormIf you have been involved in a road traffic collision and you believe that you may need to seek compensation for vehicle damage or personal injury, you should follow these rules:

DO obtain the following information:

  • Registration numbers of the other vehicle/s
  • Name of Gardai / police and station (if they have been present at the accident)
  • Name, address and contact telephone numbers of the driver(s)
  • Name, addresses and contact telephone numbers of any witnesses

Details of the driver’s insurance company and policy number. Check the Insurance Disc on the Windscreen of the other vehicle : do not rely on the Garda / Police Officer to get this information for you as you will need this information immediately in order to arrange vehicle inspection by the other driver’s insurers and repair

DO describe the accident by:

Making a sketch or drawing of the scene of the accident

Taking photographs if you have a camera or camera phone

Recording information such as street names; the vehicles’ locations on the road and the direction of traffic at the point of collision

DO report the accident to Gardai / Police:

  • If there is any injury to any of the parties
  • If the third party driver has no valid insurance, attempts to leave the scene or admits to driving a stolen vehicle
  • Even if there is no personal injury evident at the time, report the accident to your nearest station and provide details of the accident

DO visit your doctor if you think you may have suffered any injury, which may not always be immediately apparent at the time of the accident.

DON’T make any statements about the accident or admit liability at the scene of the accident.

Old-Car-crash-photoDON’T leave the scene of an accident until all information has been exchanged between the parties. If personal injury is involved, do not leave the scene until the Gardai / Police have arrived.

7 Immediate Steps

For more information, read our helpful guide on what you should do if you are involved in a Road Traffic Accident – The 7 Immediate Steps I must take if I have been involved in a Road Traffic Accident.

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