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  • If an employee is injured while at work he may be due some form of compensation. It’s important to remember that the employer has a duty of care to ensure the employee can do his job safely and is not legally allowed to dismiss the employee for making an injury claim.

    Dangerous Machinery

    Accidents at work involving machinery are common and can cause severe injury. Sometimes the machinery is unsafe. Sometimes a fellow worker has been careless. Sometimes inadequate training has been given in safety procedures.

    Disease, Deafness & Other Long-Term Injuries

    Some diseases and disabilities may not become apparent for some years after the damage first arises. Although a Claim generally has to be brought within 3 years (Northern Ireland) / 2 years (Republic of Ireland) of the cause, in cases like these the time limit can be extended.

    Lifting Heavy Objects

    Back pain is one of the most common types of work injury which can result in a work compensation claim. Injuries sustained at work can lead to considerable time off while recovering. If the employee’s job involves lifting heavy items, the risk of injury should have been assessed by the employer and the employee should have been trained how to lift safely.

    Hazards at Work

    Holes in the floor, dangerous steps and ladders, slippery substances on floors and stairs, obstacles obstructing passageways, trailing cables, discarded plastic on the floor, excessive noise and inadequate ventilation or protection from fumes, are all examples of hazards which commonly cause injury. If the employer fails in their duty to take reasonable care for the employee’s safety in any of these incidences, it is highly possible that the employee would be able to make a work accident claim.

    Training & Safety Equipment

    If an employee has suffered injury as a result of inadequate training and safety procedures, lack of safety clothing or because of careless fellow workers it is likely that he would be able to make a claim.

    In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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