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    Following on from the provisions of Section 15 (2) and (3) of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2015 as highlighted by my previous BLOG on this subject “The Industrial Relations (Amendment) Bill 2015 – Reintroduction of Registered Employment Agreements / Reform of Collective Bargaining”, the Labour Court has given notice of its intention to conduct an examination of terms and conditions relating to the remuneration and any sick pay scheme or pension scheme applying to Electricians and their Apprentices employed in the Electrical Contracting Industry in the Electrical-Engineering sector.
    Any person wishing to make representations in relation to the examination should do so on or before 14 September, 2016. Representations received after that date shall not be considered. Any such representations should be sent by post to The Secretary, The Labour Court, Tom Johnson House, Haddington Road, Dublin 4, or by E-mail to info@labourcourt.ie.

    For more information, check out the Notice on the Labour Court Website.

    The basis upon which the Registered Employment Agreements were previously successfully challenged in the Supreme Court in 2013 “Camlin Electric” Decision was because of lack of public consultation, where Judge O`Donnell criticized the fact that those REA`s were made by “private persons unidentified and unidentifiable”. It was in those circumstances that the previous Agreements were struck down.


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    Now the public have been advised by public Notice of the making of this new Agreement; albeit that the notice period would appear to be a little short – being up to only the 14th September next. But don`t say you weren`t warned! Get your speak in now.