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    Workplace Relations

    The final phase of the Workplace Relations Reform Programme was implemented from 1st October 2015.The Programme provides for a two tier Workplace Relations structure by merging the activities of the National Employment Rights Authority, the Labour Relations Commission, the Equality Tribunal and the first instance functions of the Labour Court and the Employment Appeals Tribunal into a new Body of First Instance – the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) commenced on the 1st October last.

    Gavel on termination of employment document

    Termination of Employment


    The appellate functions of the Employment Appeals Tribunal will be incorporated into an expanded Labour Court. For more information see the Workplace Relations website.
    The Department of Enterprise, Jobs & Innovation states that this will lead to a more efficient Hearings system. Perhaps it will. Only time will tell. But will it lead to a fairer system?

    See an earlier BLOG written by me 2 years ago titled Reform of the Employment Law Hearing System in the Republic of Ireland, with a Link to an Article by Employment Law Barrister Tom Mallon BL, who had a number of concerns about the proposed Act.

    Again, only time will tell if both employers and employees get a fairer system.