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    In light of continuing concerns as to how BREXIT is going to affect businesses on both sides of the Border, InterTradeIreland has created a website Brexit Advisory Service which provides up-to-date information assisting companies to navigate Brexit. The website has a raft of supports available for SMEs, including dedicated Brexit Readiness Vouchers aimed at helping you access expert advice to address specific BREXIT-related queries. We are delighted to announce that Morgan McManus solicitors have been appointed to the Panel of Service Providers to advise businesses on their ongoing concerns.

    What is the Brexit Advisory Service?



    Cross-Border Advice

    As well as providing One-to-One support, businesses can also access free Specialist Advice through BREXIT Readiness Vouchers. If you are a small business looking to navigate your way through BREXIT and are unsure what to do next, InterTradeIreland offers financial support up to £1000 (euro equivalent) towards professional advice in relation to BREXIT matters, through their BREXIT Readiness Vouchers.

    BREXIT Readiness Vouchers

    To learn more about this service, you can access the BREXIT Readiness Vouchers page on the InterTradeIreland website.

    You need to access the website here to ensure that you will qualify for a BREXIT Readiness Voucher.

    Morgan McManus` experience

    Having practised in Northern Ireland for many years Morgan McManus solicitors have great practical experience in advising businesses on both sides of the Border on Cross-Border issues. This will be particularly valuable to businesses when it comes to considering problems which could be caused by BREXIT but also opportunities which may be available through BREXIT and particularly this will be useful to Northern Ireland companies considering setting up base in Ireland.

    Because we know the legal requirements for businesses in both Northern Ireland and Ireland we will better understand your requirements when it comes to seeking BREXIT advice.



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