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  • Ask anyone what they think of solicitors and they will tell you : “not a lot”; but ask someone what they think of their own solicitor and generally they will say that they believe that their own solicitor is OK and does a good job. Sound familiar?

    Morgan McManus Reception

    Debbie McDermott Receptionist, Morgan McManus

    Being OK is just not good enough.
    At Morgan McManus, I believe that we generally serve our clients very well and do a very good job. I think that this applies to a lot of our colleagues also. Often we are afraid to speak out about what a good job we do for our clients, for fear that we will incur the wrath of the general public.


    Morgan McManus

    Reception, Morgan McManus

    It is just as well therefore that we have clients who are willing to express their gratitude and to praise us for the work which we have done. Here is an example of 2 “Thank you” notes we received in from clients. We were thrilled by their positive response to our service and wanted to tell others. We asked our clients` permission to quote their notes on this BLOG and, allowing for confidentiality, I have quoted verbatim what the clients wrote :
    Litigation Client :
    Hi Brian,
    Again from the bottom of my heart I want to thank [names of Barristers] and especially your good self for all the very HARD WORK AND RESEARCH and the countless man hours that you put into getting me compensation. Both myself and [client`s partner] were absolutely in awe of your professionalism from the very first day up and until the final outcome, an outcome which was very satisfactory. We both couldn`t believe the amount of paper work that you had put together for my case. It will be a relief for you now that it`s finally over. I would also like to thank Stephanie and the rest of your office staff for their courteous manner and professionalism in all dealings with myself. Again I want to thank you most sincerely for winning my lost cause. God bless you and your family. You are a real professional and a thorough gentleman.
    Kindest regards [name of client and partner]”

    Property Transaction Clients :
    To Debbie, Lorna and Fergal,
    Thanks for your smiles and pleasant way of working for me. Sometimes it is about more than just professionalism.
    [names of husband and wife clients]”

    Being Professional isn`t just enough.
    At Morgan McManus we believe that professionalism is the least that our

    Welcome to Morgan Mcmanus

    Always welcoming

    clients can expect. Both Fergal and I are extremely lucky to be supported by our staff who go out of their way every day to ensure that, not only will the job be done, but it will be done well. They ensure that the client will not suffer any undue stress in transactions which, we and our staff realize, are uncommon to our clients. We know that they require every support possible.
    Our clients are happy that we are fighting their corner and that we will try to get the best result for them. Our clients trust us. They know that the job will get done.

    But don`t take our word for it. Talk to our clients.