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  • Morgan McManus Solicitors Clones appointed to Panel of Service Providers for INTERTRADEIRELAND “Trade Accelerator Voucher” Scheme.

    What Is InterTradeIreland?

    InterTradeIreland is the only organisation which has been given responsibility by both Governments to boost North/South economic co-operation to the mutual benefit of Northern Ireland and Ireland. It helps to expedite trade and business growth across the island; create an environment to make it easier to do business and increase the competitiveness of individual companies and the two economies in the global marketplace. More information on the services which it provides are available on www.intertradeireland.com.

    What Is The “Trade Accelerator Voucher” Scheme?

    Through it’s “One Stop Shop” InterTradeIreland provides a service aiming to assist and advise businesses on the island on issues of cross-border trade. Part of that service is the “Trade Accelerator Voucher” Scheme whereby InterTradeIreland provides financial support for companies operating in the other jurisdiction to get professional advice in areas such as taxation, employment law, currency, or regulation.

    The Trade Accelerator Voucher

    The Trade Accelerator Voucher is a €1200 / £1000 financial support available for Northern and Southern registered small enterprises facing issues of a cross-border nature and in need of professional advice in the areas of legal, tax, or currency.

    The Voucher aims to help companies to access the expertise from participating Providers (legal firms, accountancy firms, etc.) in Northern Ireland (NI) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI). The Trade Accelerator Vouchers can be redeemed against the cost of practical advice and expertise on specific issues.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • The applicant must be a registered company
    • The company must be a Small Enterprise (<50 employees)
    • The company’s annual turnover must not exceed €10m/£9m
    • The assistance requested must relate to cross border trade and business
    • The applicant must be a manufacturing or internationally tradable service company

    Service Providers

    InterTradeIreland has appointed a limited number of Service Providers, including Accountants and Solicitors, to provide these services to the successful applicant companies. Morgan McManus have been appointed as one of the Service Providers under this Scheme.

    Morgan McManus have already collaborated with InterTradeIreland in the publication of the Simple Guide Cross Border Business. Morgan McManus has the ability and specialism to advise companies venturing into an all-island business. Particularly in a time of economic recession where companies will be looking for new markets on the other side of the Border, this scheme, assisted by InterTradeIreland, is of great benefit to companies looking to create Cross-Border business but seeking legal assistance for that venture”.

    Further information on the “Trade Accelerator Voucher” Scheme is available on the “First Stop Shop” section of the website of InterTradeIreland at www.intertradeireland.com.

    Morgan McManus are also Panel Solicitors appointed by InterTradeIreland to the Brexit Advisory Scheme. For further information, see MorganMcManus Solicitors appointed as Service Providers to the InterTradeIreland BREXIT Advisory Panel.

    For further information email us at law@morganmcmanus.ie

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