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  • Dentists, like doctors, provide a medical professional service and are open to Negligence Claims where, as a result of their work, a person suffers injury.

    Examples of Dental Negligence are:

    • Infection
    • Nerve damage
    • Poor appearance following cosmetic dental treatment
    • Incorrectly administered anaesthetic
    • Failure to properly diagnose dental conditions
    • Failure to treat dental conditions effectively or timely
    • Below standard root canal treatment
    • Failed implants
    • Extracting the wrong tooth
    • Inadequate fillings
    • Inadequate crowns
    • Failure to manage tooth decay
    • Failure to diagnose a serious condition
    • Failing to manage gum disease
    • Removing too much enamel when fitting veneers
    • Poorly fitted veneers leading to increased pain and discomfort
    • Poorly positioned implants
    • Incorrect use of whitening chemicals which can cause permanent damage to the gums and lips
    • Poor orthodontics/failure to diagnose future problems

    Some of the above are more serious than others though all are actionable.

    If a claim is made against a dentist, the complainant needs to establish that pain and or injury resulted from the dentist’s treatment.

    In many cases a complainant will need the opinion of an independent dental expert to express their opinion of the dentist’s treatment where the dentist disputes negligence.

    Dental negligence is quite technical and early contact with your solicitor is essential.

    For further information on Medical Negligence Claims you should contact:

    Brian Morgan
    Morgan McManus Solicitors

    Web: www.morganmcmanus.com
    Email: bmorgan@morganmcmanus.ie
    Ph. No.: 00353 47 51011

    *In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.