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  • Having also practiced in Northern Ireland, Morgan McManus has a Litigation Department experienced in Insurance and Personal Injury Claims in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The Firm acts for both insurers and claimant.

    We have many years of experience in Claims involving Road Traffic Accidents, Employment Accidents and Medical Negligence.

    Because of our experience in cross border litigation, we have particular experience in contentious claims involving decisions on where; that is, in which jurisdiction,  Claims should be initiated – for the advantage of our clients:

    Case Studies

    • Client was injured in a road traffic accident in Northern Ireland. The driver of the vehicle was from the Republic of Ireland. A claim may be issued where the accident occurred or where the Defendant resides. We advised issue of Proceedings in the Republic of Ireland where the client was likely to obtain more compensation.
    • Car owner’s wife, who was driving, and children were involved in a car accident in Northern Ireland. Neither driver accepted responsibility and in the circumstances it was necessary to contest the case in Northern Ireland where we had the benefit of the Police evidence for the Court Hearing. We issued proceedings in respect of the car damage claim only (in the husband’s name) in Northern Ireland, won our client’s claim in that jurisdiction and, in turn, issued personal injury claims on behalf of the wife and children in the Republic of Ireland Courts.

    Employment Law

    Because we have worked in both jurisdictions, we also provide advice on specific areas of cross-border Employment Law. See for example our pages on Comparative Analysis of Employment Law which is an immediate Reference Guide for North/South Employers.

    Jurisdictional Issues

    Where you, as an Employer, have workers in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, you may incorrectly assume that the same law and principles apply. This is not always the case and an incorrect assumption could lead to costly litigation. Because we have practiced in both jurisdictions, our legal team will be able to advise you on the appropriate law which applies to your situation. For example, whereas an Employee may initially have been employed in Northern Ireland and signed his Contract of Employment in Northern Ireland, if he was subsequently posted to work in one of the Employer`s departments in the Republic of Ireland he may be entitled to sue in the Republic of Ireland Courts if the breach of law arose in that jurisdiction.

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