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  • Growing Your Business With “Cross-Border Business”

    There are now many opportunities to grow your business by entering into the cross-border market between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This will be made clear by a visit to the Cross-Border Business websites which are linked to this page and in particular a visit to the website of InterTradeIreland. There are many financial incentives available to businesses contemplating commencing business in the other jurisdiction. There are however difficulties associated with commencing trading in another jurisdiction and ensuring that your business manages to comply with the different laws which apply in each jurisdiction.

    An All-Round Cross-Border Service

    At Morgan McManus we are committed to providing an all-round cross-border service that surpasses clients’ expectations. As a team, our combined expertise in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland law ensures the protection of our clients facing the complexity of dual regulatory environments.

    Ensuring You Abide By Cross-Border Regulation

    Companies operating North and South on the island of Ireland face ever increasing demands from both jurisdictions as authorities both sides of the border seek to enforce regulation which, despite our membership of the EU, is not necessarily similar in both jurisdictions. By way of example, companies coming from Northern Ireland into the Republic of Ireland have no experience of the Registered Employment Agreements which are enforced by the Labour Court to certain industries in the Republic of Ireland. Morgan McManus can offer clients the specialist expertise to assist with the challenging legal issues which arise when entering into cross border business activities.

    Where companies do not want to go to the expense of setting up a business base in the other jurisdiction but do want to avail of the benefits and grant-aid incentives available we can advise on alternative means of doing such business; for example, by way of Labour Supply Agreements for the provision of services or by way Distribution Agreements for the supply of goods. We can also advise you on Cross-Border Joint Ventures.

    The firm provides a full legal service for Business Clients from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

    Employment Law Comparisons

    Morgan McManus also provide an updated Comparative Analysis of Employment Law, North & South, which is an immediate Reference Guide for North/South Employers.

    Booklet Guide To Cross-Border Business

    In recognition of their expertise in this area, Morgan McManus were invited to co-write the ‘Simple Guide to Cross-Border Business’. This Guide has become the first point of reference for any company seeking to enter the Cross-Border market, offering up-to-date and user friendly comprehensive information on questions connected with doing business in the other jurisdiction. Areas of Cross-Border Trade covered are :

    Section   1: I am based in Ireland and want to sell products into Northern Ireland
    Section   2: I am based in Ireland and want to sell services into Northern Ireland
    Section   3: I am based in Ireland and want to buy products from Northern Ireland
    Section   4: I am based in Ireland and want to buy services from Northern Ireland
    Section   5: I am based in Ireland and want to establish a presence in Northern Ireland
    Section   6 : Research and Development tax Credits in Ireland
    Section   7: I am based in Northern Ireland and want to sell products into Ireland
    Section   8: I am based in Northern Ireland and want to sell services into Ireland
    Section   9: I am based in Northern Ireland and want to buy products from Ireland
    Section 10: I am based in Northern Ireland and want to buy services from Ireland
    Section 11: I am based in Northern Ireland and want to establish a presence in Ireland
    Section 12 : Research and Development tax relief in Northern Ireland
    Section 13 : Patent Box Tax Relief in Northern Ireland
    Section 14: Cross-border distributorships or agencies
    Section 15: Exploring a cross-border joint venture
    Section 16: The Debt Collection Legal Process – Ireland and Northern Ireland
    Section 17 : Managing and commercializing your Intellectual Property
    Appendix: Useful Topics

    Copies of the July 2013 Edition are available to download download here >>
    (File opens in PDF format)

    Morgan McManus are also Panel Solicitors on the InterTradeIreland Trade Accelerator Voucher Scheme where financial support is made available for companies operating in the other jurisdiction to get professional advice in areas such as taxation, employment law, currency, or regulation.

    We also provide advice on specific areas of cross border law. See our pages on Comparative Analysis of Employment Law, North and South and the Comparative Analysis Of Employment Law In Great Britain, Northern Ireland And Ireland  commissioned by CBI Northern Ireland which we have written in partnership with Pinsent Masons Solicitors of Northern Ireland / UK.

    Morgan McManus would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the services they could provide for your business in the proposed expansion of your business into the other jurisdiction.

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