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  • By way of example, let`s consider a number of issues which can arise in Accident Claims which have a cross-border issue.

    Morgan McManus has a Litigation Department experienced in Insurance and Personal Injury Claims in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The Firm acts for both insurers and claimants.

    We have many years of experience in Claims involving Road Traffic Accidents, Employment Accidents and Medical Negligence.

    Because of our experience in cross border litigation, we have particular experience in contentious claims involving decisions on where Claims should be initiated – for the advantage of our clients.

    Case Studies

    Client was injured in a road traffic accident in Northern Ireland. The driver of the vehicle was from the Republic of Ireland. A claim may be issued where the accident occurred or where the Defendantresides. We advised issue of Proceedings in the Republic of Ireland where the client was likely to obtain more compensation.

    Car owner’s wife, who was driving, and children were involved in a car accident in Northern Ireland. Neither driver accepted responsibility and in the circumstances it was necessary to fight the case in Northern Ireland where we had the benefit of the Police evidence for the Court Hearing. We issued proceedings in respect of the car damage claim only (in the husband’s name) in Northern Ireland, won our client’s claim in that jurisdiction and, in turn, issued personal injury claims on behalf of the wife and children in the Republic of Ireland Courts.

    InjuriesBoard / P.I.A.B.

    With the advent of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (now known as PIAB) and other legislative developments which restrict the entitlement of victims to issue Accident Claims in the Republic of Ireland, we are able to advise clients in the Border Region of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland on whether they should claim in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland in order to maximize the level of their award.

    Trusted Contacts

    We have established many valuable trusted Contacts in Northern Ireland, which enables us to provide this very valuable comprehensive Cross Border service to our clients.

    For further information on this specialized area of Personal Injury / Accident Claims, please refer to our Accident Claims section.

    In contentious claims, a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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