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    Even though Employment Tribunals are run on a less formal basis than the Civil Courts (for instance the Rules of Hearsay are not strictly applied) attending at a Tribunal can be a very harrowing experience for the lay person. I have attached a Link to a BBC Radio 4 Play titled One of the Lads.

    In the Republic of Ireland an Employment Claim, such as an Unfair Dismissal Claim, is heard before the Employment Appeals Tribunal. A Discrimination Claim is heard before the Equality Tribunal.

    In Northern Ireland Employment Claims and Discrimination Claims are heard before the Industrial Tribunal and the Fair Employment Tribunal respectively.

    The Play
    Did sexist bullying drive a high flying police woman out of her job? An English Employment Tribunal has to decide if the claimant was treated unfairly.The first five minutes are set in the Claimant’s waiting room (with a flustered barrister turning up late), and the rest is the tribunal hearing – unfortunately, with a stereotypical old-school employment judge and overbearing respondent’s Counsel.
    One Of the Lads” is set at an Employment Tribunal. Suzy, ferociously bright and driven, rose rapidly through the ranks in the male-dominated Metropolitan Police. Over the years she didn’t just cope with the situation – she thrived on it. But after a move to East Yorkshire Police her career went into a downward spiral. Suzy claims sexist bullying drove her out of the job she loved.
    Hopefully this Play might assist prospective Claimants understand the nature of the evidence which is heard at a Tribunal.